Spiritual Nurture Coordinator- Karen

Date Posted: Aug. 14, 2023, 7:37 a.m.

World Vision Kenya

Job Description

Major Responsibilities


Christian Formation

Develop and implement staff nurture and leadership development strategy based on WV faith and Development strategy and Our Voice results with emphasis on spiritual nurture all staff

Develop and implement Programmes for staff spiritual formation and Christian commitments related capacity building

Contribute to an ethos and culture in WV that is consistent with our Vision and Mission Statements, Core Values, Guiding Beliefs, and Policies

Participate with HR and senior management in establishing staff recruitment standards to ensure the spiritual commitment of prospective staff; assist in their orientation; and support the incorporation of Christian Commitment engagement in annual performance appraisals

Ensure that all leaders and staff have regular, quality materials and opportunities for reflections on how to live and consistently communicate WV Christian faith and calling with boldness and humility.

Participate in the recruitment and orientation of new staff ensuring that they have a deeper understanding of World Vision and its operations

Develop and or source timely and relevant devotional guides to be used by staff to strengthen World Vision Christian Foundations, Identity and witness

Support World Vision Kenya staff involved in leading chapel and devotion groups for effective implementation of staff spiritual formation and its documentation

Develop and ensure implementation of guidelines for devotions to ensure chapel business demonstrate spiritual maturity and denominational inclusiveness.

WVK staff Christian formation strategy for managers and staff developed and implemented.

Christian commitments standards effectively incorporated in key HR processes such recruitment, discipline processes, appraisals etc.

All staff equipped with the necessary tools to live and consistently communicate WV Christian faith and calling with boldness and humility

P&C supported recruitment to ensure that staff have clear understanding of WV core documents and their implication to staff conduct and professional engagement

Staff are provided with relevant devotional guides and are continuously mobilised for prayer and supported in running chapel

All staff have access to and reflect on Faith and Development standards, policies, and guidelines

All staff applying Faith and Development standards, policies, and guidelines in decision making and operations

Collaborate with staff learning and development to develop staff capacity building programs related to Strategic imperative 5

Co-conceptualise, design and develop Scripture inspired, need-based and strategy informed staff nurture and leadership formation programmes and resources that integrate Faith and Development (i.e. curriculum, devotionals, etc.) for national Office use that reflect denominational diversity and are relevant to all sectors of WV’s work and all levels of leadership and staff.

Develop and implement targeted capacity building initiatives related to WV Strategic objectives

Conduct induction of new staff on WVK ethos

Capacity building programmes to drive strategic imperative 5 developed and implemented


Coordinate prayer and staff chapel/Spiritual nurture activities


Develop quarterly plans for staff prayer and chapel for all WV locations

Coordinate speakers for chapel

Collaborate with other external partners on prayer mobilization for child well-being and WV ministry

Develop and/or provide devotional materials for staff to guide chapel and devotion reflections

Develop and nurture a strong chapel committee and staff spiritual nurture coordinators to coordinate staff spiritual wellbeing

Coordinated and highly effective spiritual disciplines calendar (for Chapel, daily devotions, bible study & prayer) and appropriate matching content (i.e. devotionals, bible studies, prayer guides, etc.) developed.

Capacity of staff spiritual nurture coordinators and chapel committees built to coordinate spiritual nurture activities.

Organizational themes relating to Our Promise 2030 imperative 5 effectively communicated to staff using different avenues of communication (documentation, videos, social media, etc.)

Spiritual nurture events (retreats, Day of prayer etc.) organized for staff to focus on key organizational Spiritual themes.

WV chapels at different locations functional, relevant to context and are meeting organizational/staff needs

Provide Psycho-social support and counselling for staff

Develop a strategy for supporting the social well-being of staff

Support staff peer support/psycho-social well-being of staff as appropriate

Support counselling of staff based on WV Christian ethos

Regular support rendered to staff in accordance with WV Christian ethos


Knowledge, Skills And Abilities

Educational level: Master’s Degree in theological education or its equivalent and sound biblical understanding

Personal commitment to Christ and proven church/Christian leadership experience

Exemplary Christian character, interpersonal relationship skills and willingness to learn

Experience in planning for and supporting spiritual nurture of large groups of people from diverse church backgrounds.

Skills in developing training materials and training facilitation.

Ability to lead staff devotions and chapel services.

Good understanding of and respect for diverse churches and Christian organizations in the country and ability to effectively work with churches with different doctrines and traditions

Good knowledge of WV’s ethos and philosophy of work

How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should make their applications via World Vision's career portal using the link https://careers.wvi.org/job-opportunities-in-kenya

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