Enumerators - Countrywide

Date Posted: March 6, 2022, 5:18 a.m.

Job Description

Job description

About role

BURN is seeking to hire Enumerators countrywide responsible for data collection as per field and survey project protocols. The enumerators will be responsible for conducting home visits to our ‘jikokoa’ customers to collect data and perform demos where necessary for a specific period of time.

Duties and responsibilities

Attend enumerator workshops to gain a thorough and clear overview of the context, objectives and relevance of the impact of the survey.

Understand the manual content, the survey instrument – questionnaire, the survey protocols and design.

Consult with trainers and supervisors for clarification.

Plan logistics and contact the respondents to arrange the best time to conduct the visits.

Visit each household, perform demos where necessary, be keen to observe and check that there are no inconsistencies.

Ask all applicable questions and make no unauthorized variations in the wording of questions.

Transcribe, record, take pictures, enter and maintain data in electronic forms in the App format provided.

Ensure the data collected from respondents adheres and complies with the required instructions to ensure accuracy, clarity, consistency and quality.

Ensure the areas assigned within your enumeration scope are fully covered.

Understand, take responsibility of your tasks and remain committed throughout the period and process of the data collection project.

Report and relay feedback as instructed and communicate any challenges to your Supervisors.


Skills and experience

Prior experience in data collection preferred.

Relevant education and background.

Must be keen, observant and pay attention to detail especially in recording the responses.

Must have a smart phone and strong technology skills to input data in the App, take pictures and measurements.

Must have a KRA pin and National ID card.

Must be able to communicate in English, Swahili and the respondent’s local language.

Must have interpersonal skills to interact with people from various backgrounds, explain the survey purpose and conduct interviews.

Comfortable commuting for long distances covering a wide area.

Available to work for the whole duration of the survey.

Familiarity with local context or culture.

High integrity and punctuality.

Teamwork and collaborative skills.


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