Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

Grade Level: 12

Project Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

  • Ensure that business processes, standards and guidelines related to KOICA SEED initiatives are effectively applied on a timely manner in project implementation including integration of cross cutting themes
  • Participate in the preparation of overall and activity work plans and budgets (annual, quarterly, monthly & weekly) for the project specific activities,
  • Collaborate with relevant ministries and other relevant partners at the County and community levels to ensure integration and high-level implementation of the planned activities
  • Be able to systemically review DIP/budget and other key implementation tools as well as initiate innovative approaches that will open new opportunities for project success
  • Conduct continuous activity and budget analysis to ensure adherence to the approved work, budget and procurement plans.
  • Make technical input into the planning and design of project specific operational researches, including baseline and end line evaluation and other relevant project assessments.

Technical support

  • Take lead and provide technical support in the implementation of the all NRM, environment and climate change activities in the SEED project
  • Contribute to effective and timely implementation of all ecosystem restoration and landscape restoration interventions and initiatives with communities and partners
  • Provide supervision to Community-Based Structures (CFAs, NRM Committees, Grazing Committees etc) – and effectively manage performance – to ensure ecosystem restoration and management objectives are met
  • Conduct on site ecosystem restoration trainings.
  • Ensure that all natural resource management initiatives within the projects area of influence meet or exceed planned outcomes and are implemented in full compliance with the project’s guidelines
  • Collaborate with the local administration to conduct community mobilization and awareness sessions on project initiatives.
  • Work with the departments of social development and cooperative, forestry and local leaders to determine the groups to participate in the project
  • Ensure focused quality, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project’s interventions on ecosystem restoration, improved landscape management systems, and natural resource management initiatives.
  • Support establishment/strengthening of common interest groups, and coordinate ecosystem restoration and management activities within the groups.
  • Partner with formal/informal service providers to build the groups’ capacity on natural resource management initiatives, agro-forestry, ecosystem restoration, community-led landscape management systems financial literacy, business planning and group governance & leadership
  • Facilitate adoption of best practice/approaches/models in the course of the implementation of the project.
  • Identify other opportunities in an ongoing manner that will add value to the overarching goal of the project.
  • Facilitate community mindset processes as a foundation to project sustainability
  • Ensure child safeguarding and integration of child sponsorship management and in economic empowerment interventions where relevant.

Quality Assurance - M &E, Reporting and Documentation

  • Development of Project Designs and Annual Operation Plans. (4D matrices, DIPs, Annual Budgets) and ensure budgetary utilization is within acceptable limits/range.
  • Contextualize and use reporting guidelines to track and develop quality, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual and end of projects reports, key lessons and success stories in accordance with the guidelines and standardized tools.
  • Develop monitoring plan with communities and partners agreeing on the required standards for monitoring, with support from the DMEAL specialist.
  • Conduct regular group monitoring, data collection and analysis in coordination with the relevant stakeholders
  • Attend the regular weekly and monthly planning meetings as called upon.
  • Facilitate regular review and peer to peer learning meetings with government, target communities and relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitate documentation of lessons and project impact to facilitate adoption in the course of the project implementation
  • Support project assessment and learning processes including baseline surveys, midterm reviews and end of project evaluation. 
  • Supervise and monitor project interventions in strict adherence to WV Kenya, Kenya government regulations and other agreed standards.
  • Ensure project data is captured, validated and updated on horizon and or any other approved World Vison Kenya (WVK) Design Monitoring & Evaluation system.
  • Ensure quality Monthly, Quarterly, Semi- Annual and Annual reports prepared and submitted on timely basis and forwarded to Project Manager and National Office.
  • Identify and document best practices and successes of approaches & models as a result of the project interventions

Capacity building

  • Mobilize and sensitize community for empowerment and sustainability
  • Work together with other stakeholders to ensure that key trainings meet the standard required to facilitate, provide knowledge and required skills set on ecosystem restoration/natural resource management initiatives and practices
  • Work with stakeholders and partners to promote ecosystem restoration to influence policy on complimentary activities
  • Build the capacity of stakeholders and farmers to enable them effectively intervene in natural resource management, environment and climate change.
  • Ensure integration of ecosystem restoration and natural resource management interventions with other programme activities at project level
  • Work with the project team on developing community sensitization and information material, protocols and approaches for ecosystem restoration and natural resource management interventions in their project contexts
  • Together with partners, the project team and stakeholders conduct regular reflection and learning events;

Advocacy, Engagement, Partnership and Networking

  • Ensure representation of WV Kenya in key stakeholder forum/meetings at the County level.
  • Actively participate in County level Sector Technical Working Groups and relevant to policy and planning forums for ecosystem restoration.
  • Develop partnerships with Community, relevant Government authorities, research institutions and other stakeholders at the county level
  • Participate in the Annual County Government’s Planning and Budgeting process to influence environment, climate and NRM policy and planning for ecosystem restoration.
  • Ensure communities are mobilized and participate in the project interventions
  • Together with partners, conduct regular reflection and learning sessions
  • Work with community groups to utilize advocacy approaches such as Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) to enable service users and local partners to engage directly with local government service providers to improve the quality of government services for children and to generate information and evidence for use in national level advocacy work.

Knowledge, Skills and Qualification

  • Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Forestry, Agroforestry, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Science, Conservation or a closely related field from a recognized university/institution.
  • Minimum of two years on job experience working with farmers, communities and multiple stakeholders on a combination of any of the following fields Forestry, Agroforestry, Natural Resource Management, Landscape Restoration and Management Climate Smart Agriculture projects. Experience in implementing multi-sectoral projects will be an added advantage. 
  • Experience in Project Management including program design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation and reporting
  • Knowledge of and experience working with the Government and community structures  
  • Experience in implementation of integrated development programs with a focus on ecosystem restoration
  • Ability to conduct community economic empowerment needs assessment, program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of economic empowerment and entrepreneurial interventions
  • Must have ability to develop good working relationships/partnership developed with all stakeholders (GoK, INGOs)
  • Excellent communication, Networking and advocacy skills

How To Apply

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