Inventory Supervisor

Date Posted: Nov. 16, 2022, 11:49 a.m.

Twiga Foods

Job Description

The role holder is responsible for conducting daily put-away accuracy checks by doing a sample of all closed jobs and sharing a report of the same as well as running an intake checker report to validate that all intakes were closed as booked, with no outlier variances as well as information correctly captured in invoices and the goods return note.

The role holder is also responsible for ensuring that intake and dispatch operations run smoothly with no interruptions related to inventory such as dispatched labels, handling units with virtual products, SKU interchanges, and pallets in wrong locations. The role holder is required to conduct counts and checks every day in all locations to rectify this before the beginning of the next operations

Key Responsibilities

Inventory Audit Planning

  • The job holder will plan, schedule, and execute work within inventory processes by
  • Creating inventory cycle count plans in preparation for work execution to expected results to be cascaded to Inventory Supervisors, DC MHE Operators, and DC processing teams
  • Audit all purchases and dispatches records to establish the inventory position of the Distribution Centre
  • Independently report inventory position

Cycle Count Plans & 100% Inventory Position Reports

Inventory Count, Accuracy, and Process Audit

  • Review process adherence and report on the inventory performance metrics within the DC
  • Verify that all purchased stock tallies with what has been delivered to the DC by running daily reports on intake and variances from batches of inventory (FFV and FMCG)
  • Prepare inventory reconciliation reports of the audited inventory by verifying that all intakes for the day have been closed, are matched to their respective invoices and any variances accounted for
  • Observe inventory intake and dispatch processes and offer improvement through documented approval process change
  • Reconcile declared inventory dispatches by the customs agents against actual intake and dispatches.
  • Completeness of inventory entries in desired format/databases
  • 100% stock accountability

Process improvement & Compliance

  • Developing processing plans and optimizing resource allocation within agreed standards.
  • Managing infrastructure and equipment maintenance schedules and activities.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and conforming to Twiga’s quality, environmental, food, and safety requirements which are instrumental to facilities management.
  • Comply with all organization policies, procedures, and statutory guidelines. Minimize and mitigate risks to the organization and enforce zero-tolerance for non-compliance.
  • Close gaps/lapses identified as an outcome of audits; risks and/or any other compliance review; investigations; or other assessment mechanisms and take corrective/preventive actions within the agreed timelines.
  • 100% adherence to Twiga work operations quality standards in relation to Asset Maintenance and Operations Management.
  • Only a few minor gaps were identified as an outcome of reviews, audits, investigations

Gaps closed within agreed timelines


  • Model Twiga’s culture and way of working and inculcating this within the team.
  • Deliver the performance objectives set for the team.  Hold monthly 1-on-1 performance reviews with the individual team members, and with their own line manager, and institute corrective action where performance falls below expectation.
  • Proactively manage the teams’ and own learning and development
  • Adhere to the annual leave plan agreed upon with the line manager
  • Adhere to people management policies
  • Own and team’s performance meets the expectation 
  • Knowledge of products and ways of working is rated above 90% based on assessments/performance
  • Retain a high-performing team who adhere to the Twiga culture and way of working

Adherence to people's policies

Product and Asset Management

  • Receive, reconcile, and report on the products and assets received within agreed SLAs
  • Verify and confirm all products and assets are accounted for, verified, recorded, and reported by the team before releasing them at the end of the shift.
  • Hand over, reconcile and report on the product and assets returned to the facility at the end of the shift, within agreed SLAs
  • Promptly escalate issues to the line manager and propose a solution(s) for approval and implementation
  • 100% product and asset reconciliation at the end of each shift
  • 100% accurate and timely reporting, using approved formats in agreed systems.
  • Timely escalation of issues relative to the level of urgency warranted by the situation.


  • Maintain custody of all relevant documentation in the format and standard set. Keep a record of labor utilized
  • Utilize organization systems as provided, and capture accurate and timely data to enable sound decision-making and actions.
  • Present comprehensive, accurate, and informative reports with trends, insights, concerns, and recommendations clearly elaborated.
  • Complete documentation retained in secure custody availed as and when requested
  • 100% data accuracy, updated in line with approved SLAs, on approved systems.

Minimum Requirements And Experience

  • At least 3 years experience in a similar role 
  • Ideally, you would have an established background in a Fresh Produce / Consumer Goods company in a Warehouse role
  • Excellent organization & time management skills 
  • Exceptional numerical skills and an understanding of inventory management  
  • Familiar with warehousing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Leadership experience, ability, and willingness to manage a diverse team of staff 
  • Willingness to work anywhere in the country

How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications to Twiga foods via the email [email protected] or visit the link
Twiga is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We champion equal treatment of all applicants. Twiga does not charge its applicants any fees whatsoever and has not authorized any agent to levy any fees on its behalf.

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