Software Engineering Manager

Date Posted: Oct. 3, 2022, 4:58 a.m.

KOKO Networks

Job Description

Your Role

As KOKO grows within and outside Kenya, our team is looking for a Senior Engineering Manager to build and manage part of our growing team of engineers, be responsible for ensuring high standards are maintained and projects are successfully executed.  As such you will play a key role in enabling KOKO’s long term success, including our expansion beyond to new countries.

In this position, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute and add value across key areas of KOKO's product suite, through individual contribution, and equally importantly through bringing strong leadership and direction.

KOKO’s suite of products spans multiple technical domains and disciplines in software and hardware, and so experience in end-to-end systems thinking across distributed components is key.

What you will do

KOKO’s current technology stack includes (but is not limited to):  AWS, Python, Flask, Vue.js, Postgres, Kotlin, Java, Firebase, Celery, Message Queues, Odoo ERP, Docker, Jenkins, CircleCI, Git

  • You will have responsibility for the activities and output of one or more engineering teams across multiple products, with team leads and other individual contributors reporting to you.
  • You will ensure the smooth and predictable execution of complex deliverables in accordance with KOKO’s quality standards across all relevant areas.
  • You will define and improve on Engineering KPIs on a periodic basis based on feedback from other stakeholders in the Company 
  • You will be responsible for continually raising and maintaining engineering standards at their highest levels to enable technology innovation and software delivery.
  • You will review technical designs, and ensure they will be scalable and robust.
  • You will be responsible for the technical competence of your teams, guiding and growing that competence as necessary via training and hiring.
  • You will ensure the use of best practices including code reviews, automated testing, CI/CD across teams and projects, and help others to improve the quality of their work.
  • You will define organisational and development roadmaps to align with delivery strategies, to ensure product and business objectives are met, balancing immediate and long-term deliverables with technical debt and strategic technical development.
  • You will guide the goal-setting process for their teams, helping them articulate goals that support both business initiatives and technology and organisational quality
  • You will contribute to architecture and design efforts and ensure they are well aligned with product and business needs and objectives.
  • You will build the engineering culture at KOKO, ensuring it is positioned to attract similar minded people with a passion for using technology to tackle some of the hardest challenges.

What You Will Bring to KOKO

  • Three or more years of experience directly managing software engineers and 8+ years of experience in software engineering overall.
  • Strong track record leading, developing, and delivering significant software projects
  • Significant experience in the following areas: enterprise application and service based architectures, software design patterns, messaging protocols, cyber security, distributed application development, modern front-end design, highly scalable data architectures.
  • Well developed skills in designing for testability, reliability, security and maintainability.
  • Evangelist for Agile practices, able to work closely with product leaders to support engineering team members in delivering in an agile manner to achieve key goals.
  • Strong communicator, both written and verbal, who is calm and decisive under pressure.
  • Empathy for your colleagues, encouraging team members to think creatively while knowing where to intervene to tackle tough problems and navigate conflicts.
  • You are strongly motivated by seeing high quality outcomes delivered, and hold yourself personally accountable, jumping in and taking ownership of problems as needed to ensure the desired outcomes.

How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should apply through Koko Network's career portal via the link

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