Logistics Officer -Dadaab

Date Posted: July 25, 2021, 9:12 a.m.

Job Description


Responsible to the Senior Logistics Officer for developing strategic plan and budget for responsive distribution and transportation system to ensure timely delivery of materials, goods and supplies according to order specifications aimed at supporting programme implementation.


Key responsibilities

Develop, implement and evaluate strategic plan and budget for the acquisition, repair and maintenance of the Society’s fleet of motor-vehicles and related equipment in order to ensure efficiency and economy of operations.

Design, develop, implement and evaluate transport fleet management policy on fleet utilisation, maintenance and repair to provide transportation of supplies including continuous improvement of safety and service quality

Develop and implement adequate logistics preparedness through contingency planning and continuous review of logistic operations

Coordinate the implementation of a computerised transport fleet management information system aimed at maintaining motor-vehicle inventory as well as monitoring, tracking and controlling operating costs.

Coordinate loading of materials, goods and supplies from the headquarter warehousing and storage for distribution according to order specifications

Coordinate deployment of motor-vehicle drivers to provide efficient and safe transportation as well as obtain optimum use of transport resources.

Develop and implement a planned preventive and curative maintenance programme aimed at ensuring that the Society’s fleet of motor-vehicles are routinely maintained according to prescribed standards.

Initiate investigations into causes of accidents in conjunction with traffic police, examine and inspect motor-vehicles to identify extent of damage, evaluate and estimate repair costs and recommending appropriate action.

Confer with traffic police and insurance companies to ensure proper documentation of accident reports and following up to establish the extent and implications of accident liability against the Society

Coordinate the repair and maintenance of motor-vehicles in authorised garages against approved requisitions. Also follow up to ensure that motor-vehicles are repaired to the highest standards of quality and within budget limitations

Analyse monthly motor-vehicle returns and maintain a record on fuel and oil consumption, repairs and maintenance as well as accidents and safety.

Develop, coordinate and implement the registration, insurance and licensing of motor vehicle transport systems

Participate in the performance evaluation exercise by monitoring and evaluating the performance of individual Drivers against defined targets and objectives.

Assess training needs as well as implement on-the-job training programmes aimed at equipping Drivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to drive motor-vehicles safely and to undertake routine maintenance.

Represent the Society at meetings, conferences and workshops and other forums to promote the activities of KRCS and articulate humanitarian relief issues

Prepare concept papers, periodic progress reports and annual reports showing achievements of the Logistics unit against planned targets as well as providing justification for performance variances


Minimum Qualifications 

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or equivalent qualifications plus membership to a relevant professionally body in Transport Fleet Management

Over three (3) years’ experience in logistics and transport management

Proficiency in ICT


Key Competencies 

Principles, methods and techniques of optimizing transportation, distribution, maintenance and repair of motor vehicle fleet.

Knowledge of methods, techniques and procedures involved in maintenance, repairs and replacement.

Knowledge of a computerized Fleet Management Information System.

Considerable knowledge of safety practices and the mechanics of diesel and gas engine as well as sources for obtaining parts and supplies required.

Ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and coordinate the timely repair of vehicles.

Proficiency in word processing, database, spreadsheet applications and computerised procurement and stores software packages


How To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should make their applications to Kenya Redcross via the link Jobs at Kenya Red Cross

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