Child Minder

Date Posted: Jan. 25, 2023, 4:15 a.m.


Job Description

Key Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Safe House Coordinator, the Child Minder will undertake the following functions:

Provide direct supervision of all children of the young refugee women residing in the Safe House to ensure their well-being and safety throughout the day, including maintaining proper hygiene, feeding/meal times, changing diapers, supervising nap times, etc.

Organize and facilitate games and learning activities for the children.

Report any accidents, including scrapes and bruises, immediately to your Supervisor and the mother of the affected child.

Report any significant behavioral changes or issues to your Supervisor and mother of the affected child.

Support mothers in providing proper care and development for their children.

Maintain an updated inventory of all Safe House goods and supplies, including food, cleaning materials, kitchen utensils, toys, games, etc. and request any new items for your Supervisor to procure in a timely manner.

Maintain general cleanliness and organization of the children’s areas in the Safe House and ensure the space is hygienic.

Report all equipment, furniture, or general office breakages to your Supervisor in a timely manner.

Present yourself for work daily and on time, unless prior approval has been granted by the CEO and your Supervisor.

Maintain strict confidentiality with regard to each participant served by any and all RefuSHE Kenya programs and the location and details of the Safe House.

Refrain from sharing any information, data, contacts or photos of RefuSHE Kenya Persons of Concern to a third party.

Liaise with the security officers on duty to ensure maximum security and a safe environment for the Safe House residents and their belongings, as well as RefuSHE Kenya assets.

Promote high levels of discipline and peaceful/harmonious coexistence of the residents, respecting their diversity and cultures.

Ensure effective and careful use of organizational assets assigned to you or put under your custody to facilitate smooth undertaking of your duties. This includes but is not limited to padlocks, emergency batons, torches, and cell phone.

Perform any other lawful duties that may be assigned to you by your Supervisor.

Personal attributes

Enthusiastic and fun-loving with a passion for working with children.

Extensive knowledge of the needs of toddlers and infants.

Active listening and intentional, age-appropriate communication.

High physical stamina and perseverance.

Decision making, critical thinking, evaluation, and problem solving.

Ability to provide affection, security, emotional support, and comfort.

Ability to remain flexible in a dynamic environment and work well in a team.

Specific Skills:

Communication skills: Has the ability to communicate effectively both speaking and in writing with girl mothers and other concerned staff about the progress of the children in their care.

Decision-making skills: Good judgment and the ability to respond quickly and appropriately to emergencies or difficult situations.

Instructional skills: Able to communicate difficult concepts to young children in a way that they can understand.

Interpersonal skills: Able to develop good relationships with other staff, children, and girl mothers, and empathetic to children’s emotions and parent’s needs.

Patience: Able to respond to overwhelming and difficult situations calmly, and to be patient with children who have difficulty expressing themselves or need lots of help in learning new skills.

Creativity: Able to think of new and innovative ways to engage children in learning.


KCSE Certificate.

A Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education (ECDE), or a Montessori/DICECE certificate in Early Childhood is preferable.

Minimum one year’s experience working with children between 3 months and 3 years of age, either in a safe house, day care set up, or children’s home.

Experience in First Aid.

Knowledge of safeguarding and other child protection issues.

How To Apply

Send your CV and a cover letter indicating your current/last and expected remuneration to [email protected], citing the position title in the email subject line..

We appreciate all applications received, however, please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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