Cellulant Senior QA Engineer Job, Kenya

Date Posted: Feb. 20, 2021, 11:04 a.m.

Job Description

Job Title: Senior QA Engineer – 1-year Contract (Extension based on Performance),

Cellulant is the leading one-stop digital payments company in Africa operating in 10 markets i.e. Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique; providing the glue connecting everyone to everything, every day. To do this we are looking for qualified, passionate, dynamic, and vibrant people to drive our strategy and agenda.

Job Summary

Oversee and perform manual & Automated testing on all applications from the earliest opportunity and with precision before any application is deployed to production.

Communicating all test issues effectively to the QA manager. Managing the daily workload of a Tester and giving direction on projects

Participate in the test automation tool selection and adoption process; Develop and execute automated test suites using COTS and custom tools; Integrate test suites into the test management system and custom test harnesses.

Duties and Responsibilities


Produce & manage level test plans, estimate effort and resource test plans

Monitor changes to scope during the development cycle and re-evaluate plans and resource accordingly

Manage expectations of when testing activities will be complete mitigating risks to key milestones

Liaise with the relevant departments to ensure key infrastructure (environments, interfaces & access) is set- up to enable all required testing activities

Manage the UAT process by supporting clients to establish key scenarios to test their business processes to maximize benefit of the UAT process ensuring full acceptance and integration of the software solution

Assign work to QA Engineers and manage successful completion of work to set deadlines

Manage processes and procedures locally within the test team and with external teams across the SDLC to drive and implement improvements to optimize efficiency and first-time pass rate

Measure, develop and optimize quality of team outputs and

Build test scripts from various sources including functional specifications, technical specifications and sessions with developers and designers

Review requirements, specifications, user documentation, help files, and other project documentation to assure quality of the products and tests to be developed; i.e., perform manual static

Select and develop appropriate test automation tools, applying the latest techniques in test automation; e.g., data-driven

Use risk-driven techniques to develop, maintain, and execute automated test suites for various Software Cafeteria products; i.e., perform automated dynamic

Execute automated tests and validate the

Work with the Development team to capture and reuse automated Unit Test Cases, Test Stubs and Drivers, and other Development test

Work with the Development team to create and maintain an automated nightly build verification (“smoke”)

Ensure proper version control and configuration management of all test objects developed and test environments used.

To facilitate in-house performance testing ensuring that all key infrastructure, data requirements are met as well as establishing the best tools for the job

Identify key components of the system that are suitable for automation and implement approach to deliver benefits through automation

Experience with Continuous Integration tool (Jenkins, TeamCity, ) Experience with GitLab to implement for the CI/CD pipeline Experience with containerization tools


Results Tracking and Reporting

Monitor defects raised by the team and challenge their prioritization supporting to

Manage all issues that impact on the team’s ability to complete testing activities on schedule

Create and maintain manual test repositories and regression test packs with a view of constant optimization to improve test estimates

Create, maintain, and manage test-related documentation


Management and Supervisory

Provide the QA Manager with accurate and precise estimates for assigned task duration, along with confidence levels and foreseeable

Assist the QA Manager in preparing test plans, budgets, and

Take responsibility to ensure all solutions delivered meet the highest quality standards

Provide the QA Manager with performance assessments for assigned junior

Participate in tester interviews, including administering interviews for QA Engineers and Test Automation Engineers.



Relevant work experience in development and/or testing

Understanding of agile software development Understanding of web service integration (e.g.: REST and SOAP XML).

Experience with Cloud Technology (e.g.: AWS , GCP, Azure) Experience with NoSQL such as MongoDB Experience with SQL/ Relational Database (eg:PostgreSQL) provided by Dice QA, automation, CI/CD, Devops, testing, JavaScript, selenium, Jenkins, teamcity, Agile software, cloud,NoSQL Familiarity with software packing tools (.exe, .deb, .rpm, Docker…)

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Good development/scripting skills in common languages like JAVA, Kotlin, Python, Ruby

Database skills, mainly in MySQL

Good understanding of object-oriented programming, J2EE architecture, .NET,

Knowledge of automated testing tools, like LoadRunner, HP ALM 11, Rational Robot, Selenium, Appium

Experienced in Manual Testing at levels of Unit & System covering Functional tests

Have strong SQL skills and be able to confidently test batch processes


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