Job Description

BTVC 8 (1 Position)

Duties & Responsibilities

Consolidation of statutory financial statements & other reports

Cash flow Management

Approval of payments/payment vouchers

Review disbursement and utilization of donor funds and research grants to ensure compliance with existing regulations.

To work with budget holders in developing long term financial forecasts and provide advice to budget managers across the institution.

Maintain books of accounts and records relating to all income, expenditure & investments

Ensuring sound financial management of the institution funds through application of appropriate financial systems & investment options,

Implement effective financial & stores control systems.

Preparation of annual budgets in consultation with user departments

Ensuring the institution financial systems are sound in design & operation & comply with international financial reporting standards & other professional &regulatory guidelines

Ensuring economic utilization of the institution resources & other assets

Provide financial consultancy & advisory services to the institution management

Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Principal


Minimum Academic, Professional Qualifications and Experience

CPA (K) and a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or Finance

At least three (3) years’ experience in an equivalent position in a busy institution and demonstrate outstanding professional competence.

 Ability to perform principles and practices of accounting including general ledger debit, credit and journal entries.

Computer literacy in the relevant packages

High level of integrity.

Member of ICPAK

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